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Hannon Distribution is led by Tom Hannon who brings over 4 decades of experience in the distribution, print, advertising and marketing industry for FREE printed material. With that type of experience there are few products needs we can’t help.

Tom Hannon has one simple belief, Hannon Distribution is a partner with all its Tom Hannoncustomers. You can create the best product you could imagine, but if it does not get distributed properly, to the right locations, advertisers, and the right consumers can not find it your product will not reach its goals. Our commitment is to give you 4 decades of knowledge of what I have seen, what can and can’t be done and how we will work to provide you with proven, effective and reliable service.

I have worked with local, regional and national firms to accomplish their specific and specialized needs. We have helped the local non profit with 1,000 brochures to the large conglomerate printing 1 Million copies a month in 6 states. They are all our customers! Your product is unique, thus your needs will be unique and your distribution company should offer a service to match your needs. We are not a one size fits all company.

Tom and his wife Linda are proud residents of Shell Point in Onset, MA. You can find them at: The Onset Bay Association; many volunteer and charity events in the area; Playing with their Grandchildren: Tom is a avid Triathlete and part of the Cape Cod Triathlon Club and he is often running, biking and swimming his way across the South Coast and Cape Cod.

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