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Hannon Distribution Offers Permanent Part Time Distribution Opportunities

Hannon Distribution
Hannon Distribution Provides Professional Distribution Services.

to deliver our Free Publications and Brochures to Supermarkets, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Bus and Train Stops and other locations. Routes typically are between 45 – 75 stops and receive multiple magazines.   

We require Contractors to have:

A vehicle suitable to carry newspapers and magazines. Van, Covered Pickup Truck, SUV. 

You are Free to work either Wednesday or Thursday. The pick up time is typically before 9AM. 

Pick up of Material is 304 Main Street Wareham, MA

You have a smart phone, email and can send a completed route back to us via Fax or email scan. 

Ability to follow route sheets.

Knowledge of the area and some delivery experience preferred. 

Compensation for the work is based on the route that day, typically they range from $125 – $200 and take less than one full day to finish. Interested parties should fill out this form and we will be in-touch with you shortly.  

Work With Us