Custom Publishing

You have a story to tell.  Custom Publishing will help you tell it.

Hannon Distribution’s Custom Publishing Division, marketing articles are the pentacle in relationship marketing, full feature stories about your business will establish consumer confidence in your business. Our professional staff will work with you to develop a custom publication that tells your story, enabling your consumers to understand how you can provide them with multiple solutions to fill their needs. Your custom publication will build customer loyalty and instill customer confidence in your business. The marketing articles packaged as a custom magazine make an impressive marking piece.

If advertising is being sold in your custom publication, our skilled sales team Custom Publishingwill maximize every opportunity for you to have your cost underwritten and reduced. When we manage all the moving parts of your custom publishing project it allows you to crystallize your communication strategy, strengthen your brand identity, and let your consumers know important aspects about who you are. Our guiding principle is simple and is the foundation of how we work with every client — we don’t want to tell a story we want to tell your story.

We offer a variety of distribution channels for your product. Which include local, regional and national free distribution. Direct Mail, B2B distribution channels, and street distribution.

Our B2B distribution channels will not only get your business noticed, it will get your business noticed by your target audience.

Custom Publishing is just that, we can offer one page rack card brochures, booklets, tri fold brochures, magazines of various sizes. There are no limits to what we can publish.

We specialize in Real Estate related products and have worked with Harmon Homes, Coldwell Banker, I Sold My, and dozens of other real estate related businesses through custom publishing.

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