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If you are a new or existing publication in the Self Selected publishing industry, you’ll need distribution services to ensure that your publication gets delivered properly. Using professional publication distribution from Hannon Distribution can give you a proven, effective and reliable partner.

Professional Publication Distribution offers vital services that often times, cannot be duplicated by someone outside of the industry.

If you are a new publisher we can help eliminate all the various barriers to entry. We can help you with our custom publishing, printing, opening locations, installing racks, providing space on our racks, and 4 decades of experience so you can know what has worked the most effectively.

We offer:

  • Getting your publication to a specific geographic area or location type
  • Installing Racks or Boxes
  • Have existing rack programs in place
  • Knowledge of locations that except publications
  • Local, Regional and National exposure
  • **Proper Circulation**

We give our clients location lists, the amount of copies we distribute into the location and update publishers on the happenings in the field. We feel this is vital to your long-term success.

With over 4 decades of experience in the industry, Hannon Distribution delivers management of free magazine distribution & circulation with quality, excellence and attention to detail.

  • We offer a full service delivery and distribution service.
  • We provide displays/racks/outdoor boxes to place your product in the market for greatest visibility.
  • We help you target your correct demographics.
  • We work with local businesses to insure the optimum placement that is available for your magazine or brochure.
  • We teach you how to sell your distribution story.

Advertisers today want to know where their ads are being seen how many are being picked up and who is reading them. With detailed analysis you can see, explain, increase and sell your overall distribution footprint.

Tom understands the business incredibly well. He brings a level of professionalism and energy to the industry that is virtually impossible to find elsewhere. – Jim Reid Homes and Land Publisher

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