Tourism Brochure Distribution

Hannon Distribution Provides Self Select brochure distribution to Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Southcoast, South Shore of Massachusetts and the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire and Maine.

We distribute to thousands of locations. Hotels, motels, restaurants, attractions, retail stores and other locations. This ensures you to be in front of your targeted audience with your brochure distribution.

Hannon Distribution is also proud to provide exclusive brochure distribution for our clients into all the major supermarket locations on Cape Cod and Plymouth.

Actions consumers take AFTER picking up brochures.

6 out of 10 Become aware of a business

6 out of 10 plan to visit of business

7 out of 10 were influenced by a brochure

8 out of 10 alter plans

Why are the grocery stores so important for Brochure Distribution?

The grocery store is the one location your target audience is assured to visit.

Hannon Distribution Brochure Distribution
Magazines, Brochures and Advertising on one of our racks.

Hotels, Motels, Rental Houses, Inns, Seasonal Residents, Day Trippers, Family visiting for weekends. Many items don’t travel well over long distances and the tourists need to drop into supermarket. This is your opportunity to get in front of them first and put you on their “TO DO LIST.” The Multi User Free Publication rack provides multiple options for consumers – popular magazines, newspapers, area guide books, maps and brochures.

Make our Major Retail brochure distribution part of your marketing plans!

We make it easy for our clients! Our rates start at $400 per 10,000 and we also have have Grocery Store only plans for you.

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